This is a visual development project I dreamt up out of a fascination with all things sci-fi and because I have a plethora of awesome friends.


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The Airship Crew

An accomplished medic and Elle's younger sister.  If it's advice you need, Sun's the one to ask, because ten to one, she's already thought of it.

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A kind of Jack-of-All-Trades, he's Elle's primary helmsman.  A fantastic pilot as long as you're not wanting to, well, dock or land. An eternal optimist, he can see the humor in anything and he's always ready with a joke.

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Very much a renaissance man, Shep knows a little of everything and a lot of other things.  He works the communications systems for Elle, and he'd like to see anyone do it better.  He's a visionary with grand dreams.  

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Elle's engineer.  She's competent, capable and she can build or fix anything - out of anything - before you can spit.  All without chipping a nail.  She's kept Elle's ships flying through circumstances that would have crippled bigger and newer ships.  

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Capt. Marcus and his Men

A career military man who now operates on behalf of several ACS governments to coordinate attacks and the gathering of information against the invading enemy from across the rift.

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Marcus' younger brother, a mechanical and strategic genius, he works with his brother to defend the ACS against the people from the other side of the rift.

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Bob is big.  And kinda scary - mostly because he's not too bright.  But he's got a heart of gold and he'll never back down from a fight.  Marcus would rather have him at his back in a firefight than anyone else.

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Sam is brilliant and quiet, but don't get taken in by that whole innocent face act.  He could convince his grandmother that tiny Martian men tried to abduct him.

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Ericson is the funny man of the team.  Once he and Marcus get started, they're hard to stop and they can keep a crowd in stitches for hours on end.  Yet for all his humor, Ericson has an abundance of deep wisdom that belies his age and his advice is worth his weight in gold.

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