This is a visual development project I dreamt up out of a fascination with all things sci-fi and because I have a plethora of awesome friends.


Cpt. Marcus' Men

I've already introduced Marcus and Matthias in the post A Quick Intro to Some of the Characters, but here are some of the other soldiers on his team:

  • Bob - Bob is big.  And kinda scary - mostly because he's not too bright.  But he's got a heart of gold and he'll never back down from a fight.  Marcus would rather have him at his back in a firefight than anyone else.  
  • Ericson- Ericson is the funny man of the team.  Once he and Marcus get started, they're hard to stop and they can keep a crowd in stitches for hours on end.  Yet for all his humor, Ericson has an abundance of deep wisdom that belies his age and his advice is worth his weight in gold.  
  • Sam - Sam, Marcus and Bob went through training for the military together and were friends long before that.  Their paths parted ways for a few years as Sam pursued officer training, but the threat from the rift has brought the trio back together again.  He is brilliant and has studied under some of the foremost universities and worked with some of the most prominent generals of the ACS.  He's quiet, but don't let that fool you - if you find yourself glued to the outhouse seat one cold morning, it's probably Sam's fault, don't get taken in by that whole innocent face act.  He could convince his grandmother that tiny Martian men tried to abduct him and that's why he's late for dinner.  Really, he had to fight them off, he almost died!
  • Ged - No comments on his height now; he makes up for it with sheer tenacious will.  There's no problem he wont tackle, no fight he wont take on.  And he's possibly the best cook in five states, so really, only comment if you don't want to eat.  

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