This is a visual development project I dreamt up out of a fascination with all things sci-fi and because I have a plethora of awesome friends.


Steampunk Illustrator

I happened across the illustrator Kieth Thompson this weekend by way of Google+.  His art's a little dark at times, but he's got a lot of great steampunk inspired illustrations that are really fantastic and I'm already a big fan of his drawing and painting style.  I also love that each of his illustrations have some kind of literature or a blurb about what they are about or who the character is that he's depicting.

I'm still plugging away at some drawings.  We had an epic photo shoot this weekend with a few of the "characters".  My goal is to post some of the drawings by the end of this week, as well as anything else I do or come across.  We'll see how this goes . . .

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