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Justin Gerard's Steampunk Wizard of Oz

Steampunk Wizard of Oz, by Justin Gerard

Justin Gerard is a fan-freaking-tastic illustrator.  Whenever I pick up an issue of Spectrum, I'm inevitably staring down at a piece he's done thinking "Holy crows, that's awesome!  I wonder who - oh, it's Justin Gerard's. Well, that explains it."  Without fail.  Every single time.  And I mean every single time because he's in EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Back in 2009, he did an illustration of Wizard of Oz for Illustration Master Class.  But is was Wizard of Oz . . . as steampunk.  Awesome, I know.  A few other pieces followed and the final art as well as his process are posted here on his blog.

He also posts on Muddy Colors: An Illustration Collective with several other bastions of illustration.  If you have any interest in art at all, I would suggest taking a look at both of these sites.  It's not often that you can really get information directly from the horses mouth, so to speak.  And all of these guys are really good teachers as well.  It's like a gold mine.  But more awesome.

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